Line array speaker

Audio Track
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AU-1299LA Dual 8 High Power Compact Line Array :
AUDIOTRACK line array deliver high definition, high SPL sound reinforcement for a board range of applications, including concert / touring sound and mixed-media corporate events. The Audiotrack AU-1299LA offers sound designers the ideal tool for creating precision coverage zones of acoustically accurate, tonally superior sound reproduction. Brilliant technologies like the intercell summation aperture which creates a perfectly coherent and uniform wide-band wave front, while reducing distortion to near-zero levels, make the Audiotrack AU-1288LA the most precise and acoustically transparent line array system on the market.

AU-1299LA is a 2-way full range line array module. 2 x 8 mid range cone drivers and one high frequency 2 titanium diaphragm compression driver. The enclosure is constructed of durable 19 mm plywood. The enclosure has outlook of Black finish scratch proof texture paint.

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